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Welcome to Bucaramanga. Here you will not only experience professional care from Ayala International Holistic Health Center, but you can have your choice of an adventure packed visit to Bucaramanga, or a relaxing getaway from the fast pace of modern life.


You can spent countless hours refreshing yourself in any of our many outdoor parks. There is Santander Park, Garcia Rovira Park, Bolivar Park, and Centennial Park (just to name a few). There is also the Eloy Valenzuela Botanical Garden for an escape to a natural, calm surrounding.

Hungry? Bucaramanga offers delicious food with international appeal. From the popular white corn soup know as Mute, to Barichara goat, paella, and a list of international flavors too many to name, prepare yourself to get lost in a world of dining options. You can find excellent dining at the Guane, featured on this webpage.



Do you like to shop? Here you will find MegaMall, as well as Canaveral. These places offer a wide variety of services and goods from a large variety of vendors and retailers. You can have dinner and watch a movie. You can get lost in a casino. You can purchase shoes and other merchandise from some of the finest manufacturers.


Need adventure? Visit the Chicamocha Canyon. Experienced adventurers can take on the Chicamocha or Suarez River Rapids (class 4 and 5). Or for those a little less adventurous, there are class 1, 2, and 3 rapids available also.